Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week 10 EOC: Top Restaurants in Vegas


Restaurant and foodservice customers buy products, service, and an overall dining experience. To provide excellent service, managers must understand the elements all customers seek when they make restaurant and foodservice purchases:
  •  Quality products
We had a wonderful time, the restaurant was pretty busy, they have their 3 course offering and we had the primerib, each tried a different appetizer, and salad and soup. All of it very nicely presented. The server very attentive and not rushed. Portion size is very ample. The prime rib was very good and one just how we like it. We'll be back.
  •  Quality service
No disappointments here
And the staff is fabulous!!
  •  Cleanliness
Both the food and the service were very good. The prices are moderate and the restaurant is clean and quite.
  •  Value
Fine Dining @ Reasonable Price

It seems like a whole different world. A very classy operation.
My honest opinion: You are better than Ruth Crisps.
Your prices are very reasonable.
My wife and I think you are the best in all of Las Vegas, period!
  •  Total experience
wow..what a great dining ,service and atmosphere all perfect...steaks,chops,appetizers and the service ...5 stars.....our server J P ...WAS JUST THAT ...PERFECT....thank you for a great time

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 9 EOC: Why Tipping is Wrong

Though most wait staff basically "live" off of their tips, the reason why they say that is because their boss doesn't pay them enough. Sometimes wait staff gets paid below minimum wage. "... tipping, Jayaraman says, isn't merely problematic in its current, contemporary context. The practice is abhorrent from a historical perspective, too" (Jayaraman).  Tipping was based on not fully paying employees the minimum wage. The national average for tipping is $2.15 per hour. It greats a two-tiered system. "of the seven lowest paying jobs in America, four are tipped occupations. So even including tips, restaurant workers make up four of the ten lowest paying jobs in America" (Jayaraman).

When rich Americans traveled to Europe, they wanted to show off just how much they had learned from the country. Back in the 1850s and 1860s, they tipped 15-20% for restaurant workers, which make up 75% of the workforce when it came to employees that were tipped. The other 25% were employees of nail salons and valet. "... that freedom to exercise discretion, to leave as little or as much as you wish--is why tipping has flourished as a social institution." (Surowiecki). As someone who loves tips for gas, In-n-Out, or getting coffee from Starbucks, tipping should be banned because no one should be making below minimum wage. We should follow California and the other 7 states that have banned being paid below minimum wage, especially for tipped workers.

There are some systems of tipping where employees are paid $4.00 per hour plus tips.  If their tips don't match up to the minimum wage that is set at $8.25, then every hour they work is $4.00 per hour. That's a crappy way to work. Getting rid of tipping can help everyone legally and makes sure everyone gets paid.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week 8 EOC: First Three Quotes

"Deals or specials: Short-term price reductions are offered on a certain product for a specific period of time. Restaurant and foodservice deals or specials often consist of a free meal with the purchase of a select entrée." (158)

"Media professionals are always looking for good news stories. Many of them will be interested in developing a good relationship with a local restaurant or foodservice operator. But, as with all of their marketing efforts, managers need to focus their efforts on reaching their target market." (167)

"An entertainment district is a collection of restaurant or foodservice establishments, nightclubs, and music venues grouped in one geographic area that attracts a large number of customers. When an establishment is located in an entertainment district, the district itself can become an integral part of the PR campaign." (173)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


When it comes to pricing, we offer a meal to fit your budget for the perfect date. For a fixed price of $20.00 per head, you can come in and enjoy your time with your significant other. Two entrees and 1 dessert, your money will be well spent for the delightful night out. "Some guests may come to an establishment primarily for its products, while others may come because of the service or convenience it provides." (78). At The Heart, we want to serve you the greatest time together. Not only will we be serving you, you'll be serving us by allowing us too see such great people have a wonderful time, and that's all what we're about.

As a huge opportunity, we can say we are fully committed to-- not the customers that come in, but the couple. This could lower potential threats, especially since we implement molecular gastronomy into our dessert. "Threats can come from a variety of sources. Identifying possible threats to a business is important to ensure that the threats are addressed or controlled before they can do much damage." (105).


Showing our customers the stuff we have presented in a way that you know your food was made with the highest attention to detail that is possible. No finger spots, gently placed down, no oil on the plates, and drinks are gently placed down so there is no loud obstructive noises. "Packaging is the physical manner in which a product is presented to customers. For restaurant and foodservice establishments, packaging includes the way both menu items and non-menu items are presented to guests who have purchased them." (147). 

We want to give everyone to experience what it means to dine. "many customers have the desire to eat in the high-end establishments that serve expensive food and wine." (80). Not many have the opportunity, so why not make it easier for everyone and show them that experience?


"Coupons offer a huge benefit that most other promotions cannot offer as easily: traceability. If an establishment runs an advertisement with a coupon in two newspapers, for example, the manager can put a different code on each coupon." (158).

Though newspapers are outdated and no one reads the newspaper anymore, we can still give out ads through facebook, twitter, tumblr, and instagram. You see ads all the time on social media and if you can show the crowd that you're out and about it can bring people in when it related to them, especially if it has a new feel to it than other places.

"Deals or specials: Short-term price reductions are offered on a certain product for a specific period of time. Restaurant and foodservice deals or specials often consist of a free meal with the purchase of a select entrée." (158)

If someone can bring in a screenshot of where they saw the ad, we can offer a second round of desserts of their choosing. Desserts are easy to make, and they're cheap, so there really isn't a loss.


Our product comes from science. By using molecular gastronomy, we recreate what it means to eat strawberry ice cream. If we have a problem with the quality, something has gone wrong with the measurements and temperature and must be fixed immediately. "Managers and chefs expend a great deal of effort addressing product-related issues. This effort is important because it is focused on maintaining or improving the quality of the products sold." (27).

Since no one has had the opportunity to try powdered strawberry ice cream. No one knows what to expect. This can be tough to make sure the quality of the ice cream is good. This is why we must always be inspecting the powdered strawberry ice cream. "To evaluate product quality, managers gain insight from two important sources. The first of these is customer feedback." (203).